9 Month Letter


Well girls, you’re officially 9 months… and 2+ weeks because mommy is really late writing your letter. Harlowe you’ve had a conceptual / language explosion this past month while ains you’re definitely experience a growth / movement explosion.

Ainsley, my little peanut you’re all over the place these days. You’re crawling with full force now and pulling up on absolutely everything. You move constantly and are easily upset with being restrained these days. We leave the room and come back to find you in a completely different area. And you’ve now discovered you can leave rooms on your own… When you started crawling you were quite content staying in the same room as mamas but clearly this is no longer good enough. You want to explore and push your boundaries! Explore new rooms, play in the dog water and climb the stairs!

Ainsley this month has been all about movement for you. You’re on the go from the second you wake until the moment you pass out for the night. We’ve even been finding you sleeping sitting up in your crib or awake and crawling after naps. All this movement is making you very hungry! A few months back when you were just starting solids… you seemed to be a picky eater which made us concerned. But now you’re all about food! You love chicken, turkey, pasta, eggs, cheese, toast and the list goes on and on. Child for being so small you can definitely pack in the food! You’ve also been upping your bottle oz’s when I’m at work to occasionally 7-8 ounces from your normal 5oz range.

Your movement started with a better acceptance of tummy time at around 8 months. Then you began looking like a little seal for a few days, and occasionally a tripod. My little yoga baby. You are strong my girl and can easily lift your bum in the air and support yourself with just your feet and hands. Envision a triangle. For a day or two you were content hanging out in a full right angle. However this quickly turned into backwards scooting. It was like a slithery movement that worked best on the hardwood floors. But within days you learned to adapt it to the rugs/carpeting. This then turned into backwards crawling and lead to a forward crawl position, knees tucked beneath you. But now my girl… you’re really moving and it’s so adorable.

Ains, you’re no longer just pulling up … but have started letting go and cruising furniture. You’ve become more interested in standing unassisted and have developed a very controlled furniture dismount. You crawl from one room to the next in seconds and have an adapted side leg crawl used for hardwood floor crawling. Where your right leg motivates and propels the crawl.

Babbling is in full force in our home again. You both have become very chatty. You talk with pets, toys, mamas and each other. This month you both have a number of new sounds and combinations. Ba, Bi, Da, De, Fa, La, Li, Ma, Ga, Pa and all kinds of combinations of those sounds.

Harlowe, you will touch our faces (or pull our hair) to get our attention and then proceeded to babble really close to our faces. You will talk a full sentence wait for our response and then continue again. It’s adorable. You also talk in different voices. Softly to toys, loader and with more purpose to mamas and higher pitched to sister. You also have a moving mouth but no sound coming out talk, which makes us all laugh.

Ainsley you like to be loud… you’ve been taking your words to a new level…. Literally! And shrieking seems to be a new form of communication for you. It’s very different from when you first learned to shriek and liked the sound of the loud noise… now it’s more of a frustrated, you aren’t getting what I need communication tactic. We find it most often means; I’m done. Done with eating, done with crawling or done with being on my own. Ready for something new!  

Harlowe, my thinker… you had a huge verbal/comprehension spurt this month. You’ve taken to signing and we are starting to really see you apply it. You know more words than you sign but the ones you sign are increasing quickly! You definitely understand milk, water, more, banana, up, hello, finished, bird, ball and food. You sign; milk, hello, more, along with one that looks like an airplane landing or a conductor…. We are still interpreting this one but you repeat it often and with purpose, so we know it means something to you. Harlowe you have a huge love for books, language and reading. You especially like books with folding flaps, hidden pictures, sliding parts or textures. You quickly learned that if you flip the page or slide the participation part – we praise you with claps and kisses. You love this!

Harlowe you also love to wave hello/goodbye and seem to understand when this sign is appropriate. You can sense when we are leaving or saying goodbyes and you will start signing to everyone. Or we noticed you’ve started signing when you’re feeling uncomfortable, telling us essentially I’m done with this. Please can we leave!

Harlowe my girl, we think sister’s mobility is starting to wear off on you too … Suddenly you’re starting to really move. We think watching sister move is fueling your curiosity, paired with the fact that she can reach things you can’t. You move completely different from sister… which for some reason surprised me. Not sure why because you two are different in almost every way. You get around now but in a more methodical way. You butt scoot, twist, turn, roll (over&over) and are starting to arm crawl. You lunge on everything now and love to pull up / stand. You are easily making it from a sitting position to your tummy back to all fours and then back to a sitting position. This combined with rolling means you can get yourself across the room… it’s just a much different method. You had a brief period where you had learned to get to a sit from your back but didn’t quite know what to do next… This resulted in a few upset naps, as we would put you in your crib on your back and we would find you sitting up crying. But you figured this out quickly and now we come in to get you girls from naps or in the morning and find you both sitting up playfully chatting or crawling circles in your cribs.   

You girls are so different and it fascinates me how you’re becoming such unique little people. I’m looking forward to the months to come with my blossoming babies, who are full of spunk, creativity and determination. I adore watching you seek and push your boundaries. And thank you both for inspiring me each and every day – to be present, thankful and curious.