10 Month Letter


My sweet growing girls… This marks your 10th month! How crazy is that. You’re such little people now. The days of having babies are over and the start to having little humans has begun. It couldn’t be any clearer. You watch your mamas closely and are processing everything we do. You listen, comprehend and respond… with both predictability and spontaneity.

Ainsley you are especially beginning to understand what boundaries are and well more than not; you don’t care to listen. Your obsessions are wood steps, dog water, DVD player, and outside shoes. We know you understand that we don’t want you near these things and sometimes you will stop, turn and excitedly begin crawling back toward us… but more times than not you continue on your mission to engage in dangerous/unapproved activities. Loving every moment of it! My deviously, delightful and spunky baby girl. You’re so much fun! This month has brought an increase in your confidence and mobility. You are walking around furniture and letting go to grab onto the next piece with ease. You’re nonstop crawling and climbing and standing without assistance.

This month has also been a month of development for you. You popped your first top tooth and it’s mammoth. Then the teeth just kept coming! You got 3 total teeth and we can see the 4th in a matter of days! Your appetite has dramatically increased and you’re loving food, most times you prefer it over nursing! It shocks us just how much you can eat. A meal these days will consist of a full scrambled egg, a half slice of toast with jam, chicken/beans, sweet potato, carrot, grapes, yogurt and some of my steel-cut oatmeal…. Often times you’ll still be hungry and will finish off with some cheerios. Impressive my child – your appetite astounds me!       

Harlowe, this month you pieced together crawling and can now keep up with your sister. My child you are getting around now and you seem to pick up speed with each day. You’ve taken to a combination of forward crawling, backward scooting, a tripod position with twists and some impressive butt scooting – with full arm circles. You are also pulling up to a stand, learning to fall gracefully and loving all of it. It’s so cute watching you follow your sister around now… Up until recently it had been all Ainsley exploring but now it’s a team effort. I expected you would be crawling in different directions but so far you’re sticking together and it’s about the sweetest thing I’ve ever witnessed. 

Harlowe you’ve become more interested in foods lately but seem to have developed a little bit of pickiness. You are a texture girl, like mommy. Things seem to simply gross you out when first trying and often you won’t try something if it feels slimy, sticky or otherwise different. We’re working hard to challenge this and offer you many new things to help you branch out. But the things you know you like … you really love! Like pretty much anything that’s white in color or fruit. Some favorites include bread, toast, cheese, yogurt, oatmeal, tortilla, chicken, grapes and bananas. Then there are orange foods which you also love! Like carrots, squash and sweet potatoes.

I’m in awe of you two each and every day. You learn, challenge and grow with such robustness. You push boundaries, engage in sweet loving moments with each other and have recently been having little mini tantrums. But no matter what it is you’re doing – you’re all in. Full force and I adore your uncensored passion. The time and your growth have been feeling fast and I honestly fear blinking, as I’m nearly going to have 1 year olds. My little humans I love you dearly!

Your monthly photos perfectly capture how this past month went… You two are on the move and had very little interest in stopping to take photos. Between pulling each others stickers off and all the crawling/standing…. we had no chance of getting anything good. So here it is, our girls at 10 months:



Bonus Video of Harlowe learning to crawl: http://www.youtube.com/embed/MJR4CwWdgfo