1 Year Stats

Stealing this layout from a fellow blogger…. In addition to the girls monthly letter here is a summary as they approach 12 months


Describe what and how your child eats: Both girls eat three meals a day with around 1-2 snacks mixed in. Breakfast consists of toast with cream cheese, fresh fruit, steel-cut oatmeal, scrambled egg and sweet potato chunks. They also share a green smoothie (blend spinach or kale, banana or pear, yogurt, milk, water) Lunch and dinner are a combination of what we’re eating or modified versions. Both girls love mac & cheese, Mexican food and cream cheese pinwheels. Ainsley loves edamame and other frozen to thawed veggies, while Harlowe loves fruit, cheese, pickles and noodles. Things they don’t like: Harlowe won’t touch most eggs and is picky with textures. Ainsley hates cheese but will eat just about anything else. Girls are nursing 3 times daily during work week and 4 times daily on weekend.


Where and how much does your child sleep? Girls go down around 7:00 and sleep for 11 – 12 hours in their own cribs. They both take two naps per day. The first nap is usually 1 hour and the second is around 2 hours. Girls usually won’t sleep anywhere but in their cribs and occasionally they’ll fall asleep in the car if really tired.

Physical Development and Health

What is your child’s current size/weight: I’ll have to update this after the girls 12 month appointment. Both were at the doctor about a month ago for pink eye and Harlowe weighed around 19 and Ainsley, our little peanut was just 17. Harlowe is quite a bit taller than her sister but I don’t have exact measurements. Girls are around 29 inches tall. Harlowe is always around 50th-90th percentile and Ainsley is always around 10th–50th.

How many teeth? Ainsley has 7-8 and Harlowe has 4-5.

Activity and Motor Development

Describe your child’s gross and fine motor skills (how she moves around, grabs things, etc.): Both girls are crawling around like crazy. They pull up on everything from the pets to furniture and cruise from furniture piece to wall and back with ease. Both girls can stand unassisted for lengthening periods of time and have just started taking steps. Most are motivated by holding toys in front of them and Ainsley likes to walk towards us. Ainsley seems to be officially walking (taking numerous steps together) just  after her first birthday and Harlowe isn’t too far behind her sister.

Girl’s fine motor skills are strengthening by the day. Their play has become much more deliberate and purpose oriented. They like stacking, sorting, blocks and books. Flipping pages and matching items.

What can your child do for herself? Girls get their toys out of their toy box and pull books off shelf. They pull up and reach for things out of reach and point to communicate wants. They feed themselves just about anything and sip from big cups as well as use straws. They brush their own teeth at night and pick up their toys with coaxing.

Language and Communication

Describe your child’s language abilities:
Girls aren’t very into talking… at least nothing recognizable. They talk a ton, especially back and forth but not a lot we can decipher. We hear lots of repetition and are beginning to connect these with actual things. They say mama, mommmmma and Harlowe says daaaa and points to dogs and we think Taaa for the cat. I’m guessing they have quite a few more if we paid close attention. Ainsley has a lovey who she says BAABAAA to and then hugs/kisses. Ainsley has also started making a noise like haaah … and she uses it like she’s asking a question. Looks at something says Haaaah (with upward voice infliction) and turns to us. It’s like she’s saying huh what’s this mom? It’s super cute. Harlowe uses sign language a ton and understands even more. She can sign. More, Hi, Bye, Milk, Food, Water, Tree, Finished, Up, Ball, Dog, Want, Bird and Shoes. I’m sure she has quite a few others in process. Harlowe primarily uses pointing and simple words like More for needing/wanting and waves bye-bye when finished but also knows the sign for all done. She has just started saying a few words including, dog, fish, cat and ball. Ainsley is more physically driven… she doesn’t want to call things by name or ask for them. She will just go seek them out and then play independently. While Harlowe will point, ask for it by name if she can and then go retrieve and bring it to us. If it’s a book she will ask for us to play or read more.

Social Development and Environment

Can your child follow simple directions? Both girls follow simple directions. They come when we call their names and stop when crawling if called back. They understand stop for hitting and sometimes when we use the word gentle. They understand the dog’s water is off limits and they will sit when prompted to in the tub. Ainsley will give kisses when prompted with either kiss or bisou.

How does your child react to family outings and visitors? Girls like going to play dates, love other kids and enjoy people watching but are still a little nervous when being held by others. Harlowe waves to everyone and will sign bye-bye when she’s done interacting with them.

Does your child play with other children? Both girls love other kids but especially Harlowe. They are much more likely to approach other children and are rarely intimidated. They especially like older kids and have become close our friends child who is around 4 months older. They follow her around in awe and always seem to leave our get-togethers with new skills.

In what ways, if any, does your child behave aggressively toward you, his siblings, his playmates, or others? Both girls can be pretty physical and aggressive with each other. Harlowe loves to tackle and Ainsley hits her sister when frustrated. We think this is her communicating as she doesn’t have the vocabulary yet. They will both hit if the other has a toy they especially want or if one crawls over to take something the other is actively playing with. I think we see this aggressive play more also because they are constantly together therefore increasing the potential for it.

Does your child have a strong preference for one parent? Ainsley seems to seek comfort from me if I’m around while Harlowe gravitates more towards mamaJ.

Toys and Play

List your child’s favorite toys and describe how she plays with them: Harlowe loves books; it’s probably her favorite type of toy. She loves turning the pages and pointing to the images and asks us identify them. She requests we read her collection constantly. She will crawl around the room finding a new book, crawl back pushing it at us and signing more. Her other favorite toys are balls and a set of soft animal bowling pins – especially the dog. She loves playing toss back/forth and is quite accurate.

Ainsley loves her puppet doll Pippi. It’s a cheap (hideous) doll from the dollar store that her grandpa got her. She became immediately attached. To the level that we went out and bought 4 replacement dolls. She drags it around, kisses and hugs it. She has conversations with it and squeals in delight as they play together. Other favorites are stacking cups and wood blocks.

What are your child’s favorite games? Both girls love blanket games and peek-a-boo. Before bath time we usually pull down the couch pillows and bring out soft blankets. The girls especially Harlowe love rolling around on the floor and collapsing onto the pillows. Harlowe practices downward dog everywhere and likes to rub her head into the pets. Ainsley loves dancing to music, putting toys in containers and peak-a-boo. A few of their favorite songs are Florence’s shake it out and Bob Marley’s Mr. Brown.

Does your child have a lovey? Ainsley is very attached to her soft puppet Pippi but both girls use their fingers for comfort/soothing.

Feelings and Moods

Describe your child’s range of feelings (comfort, discomfort, pleasure, joy, anger, affection, fear, sadness) and how she expresses them: The girls are happy for the most part. Teething brings out most of their sad moments and usually this comes with lots of tears and increased snuggles. If they get overtired they will often breakdown in teary puddles on the floor. Harlowe cries much easier and is a little short fused. She gets very upset when her sister messes with her, which is fairly frequent in our home. Harlowe will cry hysterically when she doesn’t like what has happened. Or if we remove her from an unsafe area she’s playing in. But she stops instantly when introduced to something else, confirming how “for show” these outburst are. She is also less likely to cry when hurt while Ainsley primarily cries when she falls or hurts herself. Ainsley really likes to push boundaries and will do something she knows isn’t ok and then will immediately look to us for a response. Sometimes she will even hit sister while looking directly at us… We also think Ainsley is fascinated by faces and sometimes we don’t think she is hitting to hurt but more to explore. Harlowe has recently started hitting back on occasion but rarely initiates. Ainsley tends to melt down only when in pain or extremely tired and will cry inconsolably until cuddled.

What is likely to upset your child? Not being picked up when they want, watching mama or mommy leave, being hungry and tired. Harlowe cries frantically in the morning while waiting to be placed on the nursing pillow and Ainsley cries at night waiting to finish eating so she can go to her crib.

Describe how your child copes with discomfort, frustration, or other distress: Crying, crawling over to mommies, whining to be picked up, finding Pippi and sucking fingers.

What makes her feel better? Snuggle, Pippi or some other toy / distraction.


What books does your child enjoy? Eco People on the Go, Little Blue Truck, No No Yes Yes, Giant Farm Animals, Baby Animal Book, Baby Faces, Where’s Spot, Brown Bear Brown Bear, Peek & Slide, Hungry Caterpillar.

Both girls like books with pictures of animals or babies in them. They also really enjoy interactive books with flip pages and hidden flaps.