Update… And Birthday Photos!

Well… Our home risk assessment for lead didn’t go so well. Our home built in 1912, which we once loved has been causing us nothing but grief for the past 2 years. The report came and we have lead practically everywhere. I’m going to vent briefly but please read with the knowledge that I love my baby girl and we are OF COURSE doing everything we can to make her living space a safe.

That being said. This process is crap and I’m beyond frustrated. I understand the risks of lead… trust me I’ve spent many late nights researching the detrimental and lifelong results of lead poisoning. We’ve also found a new pediatrician because we aren’t happy with how my daughter’s case was handled. However this still leaves me slightly lost on the process we are now required to undergo.  

Because my girls are with each other almost every minute of every day. I know this was an isolated incident and it isn’t something that’s collected over time. I’m presuming it occurred on our front porch as we’d been using it as a staging area for getting the girls safely outside. Setting one down while we bring the other outside. This obviously stopped immediately after the lead results.

So now we are faced with a home that needs tons of work. A home we’ve been trying to sell for months. A home we’ve already invested tons into that we won’t see back. A home we are underwater on and no longer even like let along love. We are being cited to replace 16-18 interior windows, fix the front porch – including all windows, scrape all paint / repaint, replace flooring with something other than paint and fix ceiling. Along with scraping and painting the exterior and replacing doors. This all needs to be completed within 30-60 days. Now the original estimate was around 15 thousand dollars and all the work must be completed by our cities appointed lead abatement program or by a lead contractor.

They do offer one grant – which I’ve applied for and been told I “should” qualify for that provides around 6-8 thousand. So this is a huge help but still this process is far from perfect. It’s just beyond frustrating to know where the issue is and not be able to just fix that. Instead, we have to fix/replace/repair numerous other areas in our home. Including ornate 10 foot tall windows that are operable but that we’ve never opened since we bought in 04. I fully understand the liability that they city takes on by only fixing some items and not everything but the strain this is placing on my already strained family is brutal.

So our only choice is to move forward. Take from our savings. And well possible the saddest part… take out home off the market. We can’t sell during this process and it’s all just too much stress to begin with. So off it comes… at least for now. When we relist is still unclear because the work won’t be done until late October which isn’t prime for listing nor is it prime for moving if we ever sell. So our future is a little unclear.  

On a happy note I’m ending this with my girls first birthday party photos. Including breakfast out with just the four of us. It was a beautiful day, filled with tons of family and friends. My girls were smothered with love and overloaded with presents. We we’re overwhelmed by everyone’s generosity and truly touched by all who shared the special day with us.

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