Well… it’s official. We now have two walkers. Ainsley’s been walking a few weeks and has recently transitioned into primarily walking vs. crawling. And now as of yesterday Harlowe has taken the plunge. However, they took very different paths to get there. Which looking back at the past year has been the trend for most of their motor developments.

Harlowe doesn’t really do trial and error because she doesn’t like falling and actually gets quite offended. Instead, she simply observes sister’s mistakes and once ready, she takes it on without hesitation. What took Ainsley days to work up to… slowing increasing steps into larger and larger chunks… Harlowe did on practically her first try. Last night after a busy day of watching kids run around at an indoor park, going to playgroup and watching sister who is walking everywhere… We set Harlowe down, she stood up unassisted from a squat and walked clear across the room. She hasn’t stopped yet. The girl has guts and the strength to back it. She walks like it’s nothing new but you can tell she is proud of herself. This is very similar to her learning to crawl which literally happened within an hour and resulted in her being all over our home by bedtime. Whereas Ainsley learned to crawl early and was much more tentative with increasing her distances and crossing boundaries.

We can already see this major transition… We have toddlers and you can no longer deny it.

They are so big and have so many opinions. They are budding verbally and are now both walking. They’ve learned so many words in the past few weeks. Harlowe is signing tons and Ainsley has just started signing a few things also. Harlowe’s talking/words are growing daily and both girls comprehend so much. They know objects in books and will point them out and Harlowe signs/says them. They know lots of their body parts and point to them on self or sister. They follow simple commands like, “be gentle please” and “sit down please” and are in love with the concept of sharing. The girls love giving kisses to friends, mamas and each other along with everything else in our home. Harlowe also gives head butts. Where she leans in and rubs her head on things to show affection. She started this with our cat but now does it with everything/everyone.

They are truly amazing and I feel blessed daily to be their mommy.