Just shy of 14 months!

Fall has arrived and we havevery active and vocal toddlers. They run, chase and play with triumphant purpose. I finally decided to make a list of their words because I felt like they were learning them so quickly. Documenting has fallen short lately and at least if it’s on here we can remember to hopefully update their baby books… My list includes spoken/signed words but doesn’t include the many words they know but haven’t started speaking/signing yet. Or the words I forgot they’ve learned.

Harlowe has taken to speaking in full gibberish sentences with a few known words mixed in. It is so adorable. She will be holding a book/shoe/toy and we will hear her talking about it. She will talk about 8-12 words and maybe three of which we will understand. She will then look to us awaiting a response. Which she will follow by saying “Yeah”. Proud that we understand what she is saying! So cute. Ainsley likes sharing and using the words “this” “that” and “here” which sound more like “tis” “ta” and “haer”. She will walk around colleting things (as many as she can hold) and then pass them off to you one by one. Saying Here, This and that! So sweet. She will then quickly steal them all back because sharing is only enjoyable when it’s temporary.  

The fall has filled our home with humor… As both girls are starting to get a purposeful sense of humor – things are getting pretty hysterical. Ainsley with games like peak-a-boo… where she hides only part of her face with her hands… thinking it’s beyond funny that we “can’t” see her but she can still see us. Or by putting things in places where they clearly don’t belong and breaking out into giggles when showing us. Example: can you put the book away and she puts it on her head. Harlowe with jokes like signing “more” over and over to see how much we will respond… And giggling as we continue to appease her. This morning it was “more” “MORE” “more” water…. Over and over. Laughing as she kept getting me to respond. She would pretend to take little sips and then break into laughter and the signing would start over. Such funny girls.

This new found toddlerhood has also brought on some spirited often over the top tantrums and a lots of “do it myself” moments. Both girls will most often refuse to hold hands when walking outside and therefore they tend to run in opposite directions whenever possible. The fall weather has introduced after dinner walks which are almost always wonderful! Ainsley is infatuated with shoes and socks. She loves putting them on and will bring them to you throughout the day, sitting down and lifting a foot towards you. If you don’t oblige she will often stand up and attempt putting them on herself – which results in falls and tears.

Both girls love the pets and Harlowe will follow them around giving big open mouth kisses and tackle style hugs. Girls seem more smitten with each other lately and much more aware of what the other is up to. They still primarily mirror play independently but more and more they will seek out things together. One will join in on the other’s game if it sounds fun or they will take off after having a conversation in the same direction. Chasing the pets. Or pushing their scooters. Such sweet buddies.  





Spoken/Signed Words:

  • Signing “time” (Sign only)
  • This one (isss + pointing)
  • There (theea) – in response to where is it… it’s theea (with pointing)
  • Yeah (Yeah)
  • Slide (Sign only)
  • Want (Sign only)
  • Sit Down (Respond & Sign)
  • Share (Sign only)
  • Here (haerr)
  • More (Sign only)
  • Please (Sign only)
  • Play (Sign only)
  • Help (Haaa & Halpaa) (Sign & Speak)
  • Night Night – (Nigh-Nigh)
  • Kiss (Respond / Noise)
  • Hug (Respond)
  • Bye-bye – (bie)Wave
  • Through Kiss – (Sign only)
  • MumMum (Sign & Speak)
  • Maama (Sign & Speak)
  • Sister (issta & Point)
  • Ball (Ba and BAll) (Sign & Speak)
  • Potty –Potteee (Sign & Speak)
  • Car (KAaar) (Sign & Speak)
  • Doll (Dull) (Sign & Speak)
  • Baby (Baabe) (Sign & Speak)
  • Dog (Dooga) (Sign & Speak)
  • Luna (Dooga & una)
  • Cat (Caata & meow) (Sign & Speak)
  • Duck (duk & bird sign)
  • Fish (fiiissh) (Sign & Speak)
  • Sheep (BaaaBa)
  • Bird (Sign only)
  • Bear
  • Tree – Tarie (Sign & Speak)
  • Leaf (Sign only)
  • Flower (Sign only)
  • Book – bAuk (Sign & Speak)   
  • Read (Sign only)
  • Shoes (Shu) (Sign & Speak)
  • Hat (HAAt) (Sign & Speak)
  • Socks (Sign only)
  • Food (Sign Only)
  • Cup (Sign Only)
  • Milk (Milca) (Sign & Speak)
  • Water (Waa) (Sign & Speak)
  • Cookie (Sign Only)
  • Cheese (Sign only)
  • Head (Find)
  • Nose (Find)
  • Foot (FAaoot)
  • Mouth (Find)
  • Tummy (Find)
  • Belly Button (uton)