That’s about the only word I can use to describe the past 48 hours…

Our girls got sick… Like – really sick. Which hasn’t happened until now at 14 months. I’m so very thankful for all the immunity breastfeeding provides because the last several hours have been very challenging. Sadly I don’t think anything can really prepare you for sick toddler twins… It’s just indescribable.

We woke on Tuesday morning to find Ainsley had become sick overnight. She and her crib were covered in purple puke. We had been praising our ingenious idea of soaking veggies with frozen blueberries… until that morning. She had coughed a few times overnight but never cried so we didn’t think to go up there. I thought I might have heard a gag or two but again no crying. These girls are very fond of their sleep and totally understand their room/crib is for sleeping!

That was just the start of the puking… which went on for most of the day and the next night. We changed so many outfits, numerous sheets, cleaned rugs multiple times and spent most of the afternoon dodging puking children. Yelling at pets to leave puke alone… Chasing babies away from sister’s puke and it goes on and on. The pets even started puking just to add insult to injury. It was awful.

It’s absolutely heart wrenching to watch your little ones be sick and have no means of making it better. They were so confused and so saddened by the whole thing. We were all a pitiful mess. After the plague concluded we had a chance to read up on stomach illness and realized… maybe we should have stopped feeding them. But how can you deny a sad crying toddler clinging to her highchair saying/signing FOOD. The whole thing also left me wondering… How can such little girls produce so much puke! It’s unreal.

It was absolutely a learning experience. Reminding me that I’m clearly a first time parent and so many more times I will be pulled outside my knowledge base and comfort zone. But also reminding me of the many things I’m thankful for. Including… sticking with nursing this long, starting sleep training when we did and having such incredible kids. Toddlers are very skilled at pushing buttons, testing boundaries and causing general chaos. Sometimes all this todlerness makes me forget just a little how awesome our girls are!

They’re still not eating normally but we are getting back to a healthy spot… And we are all so grateful!