Ten little things…

Ten things. Idea borrowed from this twin mama’s blog… whose beautiful baby girls were born a few days after ours. We found out we were both carrying twins just days from each other and I found comfort in her blog during my long bedrest. She beautiful documents her family, their travels and inspires me in lots of little ways. So here we go with ten little but hugely important things that represent our lives at the moment:

one: These girls are growing at a rapid pace… In size but even more so in personality. They’re quickly becoming little unique and opinionated people. It seems they learn new things in the span between leaving in the morning and returning in the evening. 

two. Harlowe seems to be finished with nursing. She still joins us on the nursing pillow for a little bit and even tries nursing but almost immediately makes a repulsed face. She then rolls off the pillow and climbs off the couch. All on her own. Its been 3 days… And I think she’s done.

three. Ainsley might nurse forever… Literally! She is all about it these days. When I come home from work she squeals with excitement and runs for our nursing spot. She will lift up my shirt at night when we are getting ready for bed and seems pleased that sister’s side is all hers now.

three. Words are a huge deal… Signing is coming in mass amounts and both girls are now combining around 3 words on a regular basis… Examples: more-milk-please… thank you! Or waiting-food-please. Along with picking out words from our conversations and signing or repeating them… Like yesterday someone said “who knows”… Ainsley started signing “who” and then pointing to her “nose”… adorable.

Ainsley signs “share”

Harlowe signs “food”

four. Shoes and socks are magical. The girls love bringing us our shoes and have figured out it means we will go somewhere. They will sign shoes please… and carry them over. Ainsley will try to put them on herself and Harlowe likes carrying stacks of them around home. Hours of fun. 

five. Simple Halloween costumes are totally worth it. 100% worth it! I love not having to constantly be fixing, replacing or messing with our girls costumes this year.

six. This month is all about stacking block towers (6 blocks!) and sorting similar things into different buckets.

seven. I’m back to real coffee again and it’s delightful!  

eight. Taking the time to let your kids do it on their own will always take longer… but the proud smiles make it totally worth it!

nine. Ainsley’s hugs… are to die for! They are perfection and I devour them. She hugs with all her strength. Wraps her arms tightly around your neck and often covers my face with open mouth kisses. All while laughing hysterically. It’s heaven.   

ten. These girls are seriously such buddies. They’re looking out for each other and the simple sweet moments are truly incredible to watch.