15 Months!

This age is truly magical. It has completely convinced me it’s the best age ever… I may be getting ahead of myself but it’s really an inspiring time. Filled with massive language bursts, explosive personality and honest compassion. These girls are genuinely attached to each other and watching their bond grow is so incredible. They get distraught if the other is crying or sick and they go in for unprompted kisses and nuzzles. They hold hands when sitting in their highchairs and share food. They lean in for kisses before bed and reach for each other first thing in the morning. Of course, they also… fight over toys, scream at each other, push and wrestle with new-found strength. But it’s all in balance, right.  

A little part of me craves for this age again and I find my eyes resting on newborn babies a little longer these days. I’m doing all this within the context that I’m completely content with our lovely family but there is a little part of me that thinks… Maybe another baby. Just for like a second, then I remember that we are so good! So very good! I think the fact that I’m down to nursing just one baby is contributing to these emotions. So I’m just riding it out… loving up these girls.    

These girls are absolutely delightful. Full of spunky passion and endless sweetness. They are gentle, adoring and kind… along with equal parts fierce, determined and stubborn. They are understanding and communicating in a massively different way than even last month. They comprehend so much… often repeating random things we are discussing. They are signers who pick up signs we don’t even know with ease.

They have added many complex (2 hand or 2 step) signs this month including butterfly, grandma, grandpa, bear, share, apple and waiting. Among many others. Both girls continue to sign in multiples and have fun adding words together in 2’s and 4’s. Especially popular this month: more-drink-please-thankyou, mama-waiting-please, help-more-food-please, waiting-food-please and read-book-please… They’ve also added a number of spoken words including baabaa for sheep, uh-oh, bye-bye, bubble, book and bird… having typed that out it seems we’ve had a B trend this month.

These girls are running, walking backwards, climbing, learning to safely get down from high places… They are stacking huge block towers, sorting like items, nesting cups, seeking commonality in the unknown and playing together more each day. They’re pushing boundaries and claiming conviction. They are forming a dialogue between each other and each exist with massive purpose, that catches my soul. They’re charming, uncensored and absolutely beautiful. They giggle when the other toots, join in when one is dancing solo, place food in each other’s mouths and tackle to find belly buttons.