17 Months… Ten things:

Wow… it’s been a month since I last posted. I’m hopeful the New Year will bring more consistency with blogging. To say things have been busy is an understatement… life has been a whirlwind.

  1. We have toddlers… Like for real this time!
  2. Their preferred method of transportation is running… constantly everywhere… They climb, push, pull and tackle. They spin in circles giggling until they topple over in a toddler pile on the floor.
  3. They fight frequently over everything and frustrate easily over, usually nothing…
  4. Christmas was a whirlwind… They were more flexible than we anticipated and got sick but weren’t crabby. Amazing! They were completely spoiled and a few favorites seem to be anything doll related, Mega Blocks and shape sorters.
  5. Girls have become compassionate and much more external over the past month. They show real remorse and extend warm honest apologies. Ainsley has become attached to the sign hurt since I had a cut on my finger. She will seek out “hurts” or “moles” sign hurt and put the hurt area into her open mouth for a kiss. She then will get her face about 2 inches from yours reassuring you its OK  Yes she still kisses with quite a bit of tooth action. She will also whisper owie… while signing hurt. Unbelievable sweet. Harlowe is very responsive to hurt feelings… If I act at all sad in regards to her behavior… she comes inches from my face and nuzzles me. Reassuring me it’s ok and she’s sorry.
  6. Talking has exploded in our home… Ainsley started repeating just about everything a while back and now Harlowe’s talking has also picked up. They are still signing a ton and I estimate the combined words to be in the hundreds. They have also really started having conversations between each other. So sweet. My other favorite… is that Mommy is now being said. Both girls had been saying mama for a really long time but now I get called by my taken name of Mommy!
  7. All joking aside… They are really becoming funny! Harlowe likes to play jokes with signing. Recently it’s been signing/saying Grandpa when he isn’t around. Waiting for me to pull her arm down from signing position and teasingly say… there’s no grandpa here. She thinks it’s hysterical. Ainsley is more into physical jokes… tickling is her big thing now. This morning she spent quite a while tickling me and whispering tickle-tickle-tickle.
  8. We had our first trip to the ER which after 17 months isn’t too bad. Girls spiked an almost 104 temp. All was fine and by the time we got to the ER we realized we didn’t really need to be there. Temp had already dropped to around 101 when we arrived. Got the 800 dollar bill this week… all for a visit, temp taking and administering Tylenol. Lesson learned – we will be taking a follow-up temp next time.
  9. Still nursing 1 baby… but now down to just morning/night. She doesn’t seem to be weaning but is just more distracted and clearly not gaining much from continuing. Thinking I’ll start cutting back in the next 3 months.
  10. I started a new job… Partly why I’ve been so busy. I spent the majority of November/December interviewing. I eventually got offered a higher education position that I accepted. I’d posted before about being miserable and pigeonholed in my previous field/position. I had been trying to get into higher education administration for years. Of course the second I accepted and turned in my resignation my current employer came back with a very nice counter offer. One that was extremely hard to turn down. One that came with a promotion, 30% raise, new boss… So I had to turn down more money than I’ll be able to make in the foreseeable future, as I’m now with a nonprofit… I choose the path I think will make me happier. The deciding factor was the higher Ed. job started with 3 weeks more paid vacation than my previous job. Can’t go wrong with more time off to be with my kids!

Happy 2013 and a bonus video of our nighttime toddler chaos…