Almost 20 Months!

Girls Wrestling

I’ve been absent. Not from following you all but from posting… Mourning the loss of one of our fellow bloggers beautiful little boys and getting lost in life. Mostly busy chasing almost 20 month old toddlers around. Settling in to my new job and buried in deep with my lovely family. It’s slightly surreal to have such grown up babies. But they do their very best at making it “real” every single day.

Real sweet. Real lovely. Real overwhelming and above all Real perfect.

My sweet girls I’m in awe and deeply entranced by your gloriously fully lived lives. Each moment is filled to the edge and everything is done with extreme exuberance. You’re my little inspirations. Stacking new knowledge on teetering fundamentals and building bridges from tiny saved nuggets of familiarities.   

You talk constantly… about everything and nothing at all. In real grown up sentences like:

Ains no sleep.

No read book.

PeePee Tea.

Mine – Ainsley wants more.

Waiting, more please.

Lolo cereal – please.

Where bunny at.

Hi Tara Dog-Dog.

Practice, wait climb.

At one point I counted your words but I’ve since beyond lost track. You have hundreds of combined verbal words and signs. Both of you use them in multiple word sentences more each day and have nice long run on sentences with a few solid known words filled in.

You’re shy, flirty and cautious  Solid, daring and beautifully sensitive. Strong willed, determined and confident. I seem to hear a chorus of… “I fight with love and I laugh with rage….” On a daily basis with you girls.       

Inflection is huge in our home and expressed very differently. Ainsley you have a way with looks and body language, while Harlowe you employ a more a physical connection with words. Example: If the words share or trade aren’t working with sister Harlowe you’re more inclined to loudly say “Ainsley share” while shoving sister over and stealing the toy. In contrast: Ainsley you’re more likely to say “no share” when asked and bolt… Looking over your shoulder the whole time and mocking sister long after the event has finished.  

You kids are incredible sponges. Sweet and energetic. Empathetic and fiercely dramatic. You know the interworking’s of your little family very well and test and challenge everything. You know when things are missing in the routine and always when things “ aren’t right”.

Ainsley is taking potty training on head first. My detail oriented, dedicated to mastery and often over focused baby hates wearing diapers now. Loves being naked and peeing in her potty. She goes hours (4-5) between pees and knows when she has to go. She loves carrying her peepee to the bathroom (unassisted) and dumping / flushing the big potty. She digs big girl undies and for the most part understands she doesn’t pee in them. Sometimes she will rush over to pee in her potty and forget to pull them down – sit and pee but that’s minor in the overall big picture. Kid gets what this is all about and her mamas are impressed. She enjoys her new level of control and is taking charge.

Harlowe is much more focused on people and their connection to her. She will sit and point to all of her “connections” over and over repeating their names. Luna, Tara, Zellie, mama, mommy, Ainsley, Harlowe, papa, auntie… She likes to connect people with things and match real world with what she finds in her books. She’s my contemplator. My deep thinker. My emotional and profoundly sensitive baby turned toddler.  

Both of these girls are obsessed with sesame street… they can name every single character. Often times laughing when Mommy gets one’s name wrong. We got them little figurines and flash cards with the characters. They play with them constantly! Making up stories, walking them around the house, putting them on the dogs and giggling. Putting them in and out of the school bus while chatting. So cute.  

How is it I have such grown up babies…? They have opinions about everything, talk constantly, have adorable run on sentences and such a sweet sister bond.


IMG_2691Buddies Giggling Girls IMG_2705 IMG_2732 Mommy & Harlowe Sister Hand holding