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In lieu of words…

Some of my toddlers recent obsessions. Singing full length songs (ABC, Frère Jacques, Moon Shadow) Dancing, Ballet: Arabesques, Attitudes; Ring-Around-Rosy Puzzles, Sorting, Counting

Book Love!

My girls will sit and read books together for hours. Literally hours every day. They love bundling up in cozies, sitting on the porch couch under a shared blanket with stacks of books… Continue reading

Parenting twins | being fair…

I grew up in a unique family situation. I was a pseudo-single child within a complex surrounding of anything but single. I have an older half-brother who I never really knew and an… Continue reading


I’m back…  Or I’m attempting a comeback. I’ve been gone 6 months. I have excuses but that’s the least interesting thing I have to contribute. However, to move forward I feel I need… Continue reading

My Easter girls

Almost 20 Months!

I’ve been absent. Not from following you all but from posting… Mourning the loss of one of our fellow bloggers beautiful little boys and getting lost in life. Mostly busy chasing almost 20 month… Continue reading

17 Months… Ten things:

Wow… it’s been a month since I last posted. I’m hopeful the New Year will bring more consistency with blogging. To say things have been busy is an understatement… life has been a… Continue reading

16 month Photo post…

Not my favorite of the ladybug videos but the first one I found… The word has evolved quite a bit since this was taken. It’s starting to sound more and more like ladybug… Continue reading

16 Months… Ten things:

Quick update… ten things style. I will post a full photo update tonight. 1)      Harlowe sometimes calls sister, Ainsley (aimslee)… At least we heard it once/twice. Ainsley identifies sister with pointing at Harlowe… Continue reading

Stressing over size…

My babies are healthy, they’re hitting every milestone… Many way ahead of schedule. But they’re small. Ainsley in particular. Harlowe is long and lean… But Ainsley is just small. All around. I know… Continue reading

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