15 Months!

This age is truly magical. It has completely convinced me it’s the best age ever… I may be getting ahead of myself but it’s really an inspiring time. Filled with massive language bursts,… Continue reading

A few more…

Just wanted to stop back in to add a few more photos from our professional fall shoot! I was up late the night before making the head bands and we got cold but decent weather.… Continue reading

15 Month – Photo session preview!

Photos from our recent session… I’ll post a few more tonight!

Ten little things…

Ten things. Idea borrowed from this twin mama’s blog… whose beautiful baby girls were born a few days after ours. We found out we were both carrying twins just days from each other and… Continue reading


That’s about the only word I can use to describe the past 48 hours… Our girls got sick… Like – really sick. Which hasn’t happened until now at 14 months. I’m so very… Continue reading

Feedback request…

Those who know me well probably won’t be shocked by this post. Deep breath… I’m feeling restless. Just a little bit. Maybe in a good way? Like I’m on the edge of newness… Continue reading

Just shy of 14 months!

Fall has arrived and we havevery active and vocal toddlers. They run, chase and play with triumphant purpose. I finally decided to make a list of their words because I felt like they… Continue reading


Just stopping back in to post a few video’s. Showcasing a little walking, signing (Dog, Ball & Help) and squealing! For reference sign for dog is patting upper thigh and sign for help is… Continue reading

13 Months!

Last night we snuggled up on the couch to watch the premier of Parent.hood and I won’t lie the end really got me. What else got me… The reality that our girls are… Continue reading

Breastfeeding Twin Toddlers…

You read that right… We are still going strong. Breastfeeding twins was something I didn’t read up on and honestly I was so focused on not going into labor for 4 months, that… Continue reading

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