Well… it’s official. We now have two walkers. Ainsley’s been walking a few weeks and has recently transitioned into primarily walking vs. crawling. And now as of yesterday Harlowe has taken the plunge.… Continue reading

Update… And Birthday Photos!

Well… Our home risk assessment for lead didn’t go so well. Our home built in 1912, which we once loved has been causing us nothing but grief for the past 2 years. The… Continue reading


Life with twins is busy… Like I never knew I could be this busy… busy. It’s always equal parts busy and wonderful. But the days are just flying by and it’s hard to… Continue reading

1 Year Stats

Stealing this layout from a fellow blogger…. In addition to the girls monthly letter here is a summary as they approach 12 months Food Describe what and how your child eats: Both girls… Continue reading

12 Month Letter!

A letter to my Daughters on their 1st Birthday: My sweet girls, I’m writing this to you on the eve of your first birthday. And this letter is one of many drafts, as… Continue reading

11 Month Letter

My sweet growing girls… You’re 11 months old now. It’s honestly surreal that we’ve been getting to know you both on the outside for nearly a year. Your first birthday is right around… Continue reading

10 Month Letter

My sweet growing girls… This marks your 10th month! How crazy is that. You’re such little people now. The days of having babies are over and the start to having little humans has… Continue reading

How to guide…

There should really be a how to guide on… selling your home while raising nearly 10 month old twins. I’m exhausted; we’ve had three showings in a little over a week. But no offers yet.… Continue reading

9 Month Letter

Well girls, you’re officially 9 months… and 2+ weeks because mommy is really late writing your letter. Harlowe you’ve had a conceptual / language explosion this past month while ains you’re definitely experience… Continue reading

Trying to catch up:

I’m behind… The girls are 9 months! ( Letter to come soon) Preview: In short… Work is beyond hectic. We put our home on the market. And the girls are all over the place.… Continue reading

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