Reason 1 million that we are starting to think about moving…

While out on a walk with the girls a few nights ago. 3 young girls, maybe around 7 years old, were chasing down an ice cream truck. The truck clearly didn’t see them… Continue reading

Movement explosion!

Ainsley, my little peanut you’re all over the place these days. Each day brings us closer to a fully mobile baby. We leave the room and come back to find you in a… Continue reading

Girls First Easter!

Photos for now… post coming soon!  

8 Month Letter

My girls, this month has been massive. It was your first full month at home with MamaJ and your first month spending lots of time outside. We’ve had an unusually warm March. Breaking… Continue reading

what our girls have been up to…

Well… I know I owe a real post but as a place holder… how about a few videos. These girls are busy. Oh – if you watch that first video closely… you will… Continue reading


All I can say is that most US companies don’t truly understand or value work/life balance. Seriously… who’s ready to sponsor us in Canada. Any good jobs up there? From this you may… Continue reading

7 Month Letter

Well my sweet girls… You are 7 months and 1 week old. And to be completely honest I didn’t keep as good track this last month as I have for your previous months.… Continue reading


My dearest friends little girl is sick. Very sick and she could use lots of people sending positive healing thoughts her way. My childhood best friend delivered her beautiful daughter Indy a month… Continue reading

6 Month Letter

My sweet, sweet girls. It amazes me that you’re 6 months already. Well actually, if we’re being honest… Mommy is late posting and you’re 6 & ½ months.  Half a year seems massive… Continue reading

Why… Hello!

Have you missed me… I hope so. For the sheer reason that I’ve missed my blog community. I think I’m reaching that plateau that many have posted about. To blog or not to… Continue reading

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