Head games…

It’s just too much. I’m gonna miss these ladies and all our fun!

So Big!

These girls are getting so big and this week is solidifying it for me. This week has been all about transitioning roles in our home. J is taking on the at home mama… Continue reading


We are in transition here. We feel it and so do the girls. Things are changing and we are all trying to keep up. I’m starting a new job in a little over… Continue reading

Giggle talk…

I realize my blog is becoming video heavy… but i couldn’t resist.

so big… (updated)

Confession time: until today… Our girls have been napping in their swings. I’m not totally sure why? Most likely a combination of habit and simplicity… I qualify with… having two is hard! But… Continue reading


To be fair… my other beauty is sitting on her own! and loving it. Proof:  


These girls are so delightful… I just had to share my girls new love of jumping! (I’ve also noticed she seems to know her name and the word jump)  

Emotional mess…

This describes my current state of being. And if we’re being honest, mess might not be messy enough to cover it… I accepted a job today. A job that before having the girls, I… Continue reading

Just because…

I’m so in love… These kids are so beyond wonderful! They are becoming such funny and loving girls. And I soak up our time together. Knowing our closeness won’t last forever. Knowing there will be… Continue reading

5 Month Letter:

Well beautiful babies… Today, January 4th, is the day we found out we were expecting two babies. This day, last year… our world shook a little. I think mamas’ hearts both grew in… Continue reading

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