Stressing over size…

My babies are healthy, they’re hitting every milestone… Many way ahead of schedule. But they’re small. Ainsley in particular. Harlowe is long and lean… But Ainsley is just small. All around. I know I’m small… but this fact is no longer providing me much comfort.

We changed doctors after our 12 month appointment due to Harlowe’s lead poisoning and poor handling – so we don’t have anything to base our new doctor’s 18 month appointment and lack of alarm with. New doctor wouldn’t have even mentioned their sizes with us had I not mentioned the drop in percentiles… She didn’t tell us to make any real changes… Just to keep trying new foods and that toddlers are hard.  

Both girls are growing proportionately but both are small. Both dropped weight percentiles. Harlowe not by much and actually gained in height but Ainsley substantially by almost 3 weight percentiles. And when she was already at a low percentile… this really scares me. I quickly checked the WHO (for breastfeed babies) chart and she is in a much healthier place there but that still doesn’t explain the drop from the other chart?

They were good eaters up until recently. Now they will have good meals and bad ones. They will eat tons at one moment and very little the next. Normally it balances out to about 1 really substantial meal a day and 2 other much smaller meals…. Along with a few snacks. Harlowe weaned recently – which is maybe why I’m so panicky about this stagnant weight being partly my fault. Harlowe doesn’t drink much milk… but does like other dairy forms.   

I researched a lot… and felt like this is a pivotal moment and we should be a little more concerned than just checking in at the 18 month appointment? So I called the doctor and scheduled a weight check for a month from now.

What would you do… Am I over reacting. Have others experienced similar? Any other very small mama’s out there (I’m 5’1) with super small toddlers. Maybe I’m just panicking for no reason. Maybe I’m just self-conscious that we played with twin 9 month olds last night that are much bigger than my girls… but also formula fed. I don’t know but could really use some of your wise words…

My beautiful babies: